Sustainability as model for success

Long-term value creation and the generation of growth prospects are at the centre of our corporate strategy. Competence, transparency, and sustainability warrant the successful realisation of our business model.

Management and Central Units (Picture)

Deutsche Wohnen is one of the leading listed housing companies in Germany. The operative focus is on the administration and development of residential property. Our company, which is based in Frankfurt/Main with its principal place of business in Berlin, was established more than ten years ago and has operated as an independent stock corporation for four years now.

We are positioned nationwide with 49,496 units, of which 49,026 are residential and 470 commercial units. The emphasis of our corporate strategy is on attractive residential property in the economically important markets Berlin, Frankfurt/Main and Rhine Main.

Our operative business activity is organised in three companies. Deutsche Wohnen Management GmbH and Deutsche Wohnen Corporate Real Estate GmbH are the pillars of the housing business segment. They concentrate the process of the professional administration and development of the holdings on the one hand, and the disposals and portfolio management on the other hand. The nursing business segment is operated by KATHARINENHOF ® Seniorenwohn- und Pflegeanlage Betriebs-GmbH. It offers high-value retirement housing estates for selfdetermined living in an environment appropriate for the elderly. Deutsche Wohnen AG acts as finance and management holding for the companies within the Deutsche Wohnen Group. Its responsibilities include all central business functions such as the strategic business development, as well as the human resources, communication, IT, organisation, legal, and financing/accounting/controlling departments.

The Executive Committee of Deutsche Wohnen acts as extended management to the Management Board. The team represents the competences of the finance, legal, administration, portfolio management, and disposals departments in order to comprehensively advise the Management Board in questions of strategy and management planning.

All business activities are aimed at the continuous optimisation of the value of our portfolio. The development of the core portfolio as well as strategically opportune acquisitions and disposals are essential fine-tuning instruments. Our operations are defined by the commitment to quality and the increase in value of the property, as well as to efficiency of the operating processes. The sustainable management of our residential property is based on economical and ecological factors, for example the examination of the energy efficiency of our estates and the investment into its improvement.

Transparency and fairness in dealing with our partners are also a decisive part of the success of our strategy. Together, we work on achieving an effective service level that increases the satisfaction of our tenants in the long term.

With strategic foresight towards demographic developments and energetic requirements, we utilise the enormous growth potential of the housing economy. We have the best prerequisites to actively accompany the consolidation process of the German housing market and to successfully design growth processes.

My Annual Report

49,496 property units, 355 employees, 81.8 million shares

October 2009:
Issue of 55.44 million new shares

Gross issue proceeds from capital increase 2009: EUR 249.5 million