Our value chain

We count on extensive measures for the development of the individual property holdings for the optimisation of our portfolio. The example of the housing estate Waldsiedlung in Berlin- Zehlendorf clearly shows how we have built up our value chain in order to lastingly raise the potential of our property.

The property:
The housing estate Waldsiedlung Zehlendorf is one of the outstanding architectural achievements of the 1920s in Germany. The estate, which today is protected as a historic monument, was built according to plans by Bruno Taut on behalf of GEHAG.
Property appraisal:
In order to develop the property according to our portfolio strategy, we first examined all individual units in detail and specified the necessary measures for the improvement of the facilities and of their energy consumption.
From 2005 to 2009, extensive structural work for the modernisation and restoration of the estate followed: among other things the conversion of the heating system to environmentally friendly district heating, the rehabilitation of the baths and the reworking and sealing of the windows.
The Waldsiedlung is among the most popular residential areas in Berlin's western part and almost fully rented out. We were able to achieve a rent development from previously EUR 4.47 per m2 to EUR 6.32 per m2 through our investments.


Our value on the example of Zehlendorf (Picture)


My Annual Report

Construction costs: EUR 7.1 million

70 % of the rental units are between EUR 6.00 and EUR 8.00 per m2