Deutsche Wohnen Management GmbH

Property management first of all means increase in value. (Picture)

All our activities – the monitoring of the structural and infrastructural quality of our properties, modernisation, decisions on transactions within the holdings, as well as acquisitions and disposals – are geared to the long-term development of the entire portfolio.

› The areas development and service form the core of our value chain. ‹

Our core business, the management and development of the real property, is the responsibility of Deutsche Wohnen Management GmbH. It combines leasing and rent management, central purchasing, maintenance and modernisation of the housing property – all activities in the context of the administration of the housing property as well as the tenant liaison and support.

› 226 employees are responsible for the satisfaction of our tenants. ‹

In this process, all measures go hand in hand: In order to be able to correspond to the needs of our tenants even better, we optimised our service structure in the past year. The care of the tenants now takes place through a service centre and service points on site. The service centre is the central starting point for all inquiries regarding housing. The service points are located directly at our locations in Wilmersdorf, Reinickendorf, and Britz in Berlin, as well as in Frankfurt/Main, Mainz, Koblenz, and Neustadt an der Weinstraße. There, our employees are available for personal consultation.

In addition to the provision of service, the rent management is an essential area of responsibility of Deutsche Wohnen Management GmbH. The current market situation is regularly reviewed and the locations are adjusted accordingly. The central service management, together with the two teams for facility management and central technology, determines the optimisation potential of the real property and carries out the corresponding construction measures. Together with our external partners, we professionally manage our properties. In order to achieve constructive cooperation on equal footing, we re-organised our service provider structure in the past year. We now closely collaborate with approximately twelve of originally over 300 system suppliers. We include our partners early in the strategic portfolio planning in order to profit from their know-how and experience. Via an innovative IT interface system, we are able to organise the business processes transparently and efficiently.

With the new structure, we have saved approximately EUR 2.5 million, which is reflected in the operating expenses of our tenants.

All activities, from modernisation to process optimisation, to the collaboration with partners, are oriented on our company strategy and aim at the sustainable optimisation of our portfolio.

Vacancy rate development in percentage
Vacancy rate development in percentage (Bar Chart)

Living quality, safe and guaranteed

Deutsche Wohnen Management GmbH has further optimised the requirements for a professional and efficient portfolio management through the reorganisation of the service provider structure. For example, infrastructural services are carried out in an integrated way by established facility management partners.

We introduced a customised quality management programme in order to record and evaluate the quality of our properties nationwide. This way, we can review the compliance by way of customised performance standards and secure the value of the portfolio.

Weekly representative sample inspections in our properties are carried out for ongoing quality control. The efficient organisation of these inspections is guaranteed by the close collaboration among the departments. The new programme allows an expert evaluation of the real property through transparent and complete documentation. Necessary measures are recognised early and carried out to the benefit of a sustainable building management.

Our service centre:
always the right connection

Our service centre: always the right connection (Picture)

Since 1 May 2009, we have operated the service center and thereby created a central platform for our tenants. 20 employees are available for addressing the different concerns via telephone or e-mail: standardised processes such as rent certification and permits, as well as tenant information are handled directly. In addition, matters that require detailed examination are sorted and forwarded to the responsible departments or the services points onsite. Through the improved availability and shorter response times, the service centre contributes substantially to the satisfaction of our tenants.

Our service points:
customer service in the neighbourhood

Our service points: customer service in the neighbourhood (Picture)

With our eight services points, we offer tenants and interested parties a contact point in their vicinity. The employees on-site provide information about leasing; interested parties can look through housing offers and make viewing appointments. The service points also answer contract questions and inquiries regarding a change of residence. In addition, commercial and technical service staff coordinates all concerns regarding living in our real property. Many tenants are already making use of the new service.

My Annual Report

49,026 housing units, 226 employees, gross rental income 2009: EUR 190.6 million

Increase of the current gross rent 2009 by 5,0 % to EUR 5,04 per m2

January 2009:
Implementation of the new service provider structure

September 2009:
Start of the test of the quality assurance programme

Improved availability for our tenants

8 service points as direct contact points in Berlin, Frankfurt / Main and Rhine Main