What challenges you in the company?

Rita Schnittger (Image) Thorsten Schick (Image) Nadine Huras (Image)
Rita Schnittger,
Staff IT ,
Deutsche Wohnen AG
Thorsten Schick,
Staff Rental Control and Development,
Deutsche Wohnen Management GmbH
Nadine Huras,
Back Office, Service Point Head Office,
Deutsche Wohnen Management GmbH
› The challenge for me consists above all in working efficiently by using the newest technologies, in order to get as closely as possible to my goal to achieve the best support possible for the users. ‹ › The opportunity to be allowed to take on ever new tasks and to thus expand my personal development perspectives. ‹ › My current challenge in the company is the post-processing and / or creation of documents of the day-to-day operations in the rental area that has become necessary through the conversion to SAP. ‹
Tobias Wriedt (Image) Katarzyna Orlik (Image) Falk Laloi (Image)
Tobias Wriedt,
Controlling / Financing,
Deutsche Wohnen AG
Katarzyna Orlik,
Housing Area Manager,
Falk Laloi,
Section Manager Disposal,
Deutsche Wohnen Corporate Real Estate GmbH
› By ensuring the data quality and constant improvement of the credit portfolio analysis, I can contribute to a dynamic company. ‹ › Our goal: to always be one of the best in the industry. ‹ › To reconcile customer needs and company objectives in economically difficult times. ‹

Professional, fair, motivated

Our successful business development is in no small part attributable to our employees. Their qualification and professionalism also determine the future growth of the company. Our appreciation becomes apparent in the vibrant and open corporate culture. Fairness when working together and reliable cooperation characterise the contact with business partners, customers, and colleagues. The business climate is characterised by dynamism and efficiency through the challenges of the industry. The team is oriented towards success and committed to customer satisfaction and product quality, and thus plays an important role.

We place special emphasis on the well-balanced ratio of our staff. The high proportion of female employees is an essential part, but the mixture of experienced and learning employees is also important. Many of our employees have been with us for a long time, some of them working in the company for up to 30 years. Added to this are 71 new hires in the past year. The number of trainees has amounted to approximately 30 for years. We are committed to keep this number in the future. KATHARINENHOF® Seniorenwohn- und Pflegeanlage Betriebs-GmbH employs another 52 trainees.

Firm components of our business policy are the continued education of the employees and the qualified mentoring of the trainees. We give them the opportunity to work independently and to attain a high qualification with a large number of different training stations. In addition, we are specifically interested in keeping our youngest employees long-term and offering them the prospect of employment. Quite a number of our former trainees work in leading positions today.


Personnel operational figures Housing  
Employees of Deutsche Wohnen 355
thereof men in percent 39
thereof women in percent 61
Proportion of women in leading positions in percent 44.4
Staff turnover ratio at Deutsche Wohnen in percent 3.1
Average age in years 38.6


Personnel operational figures Nursing and residential care homes  
Employees of KATHARINENHOF ® 935
thereof men in percent 15
thereof women in percent 85
Proportion of women in leading positions in percent 83.3
Staff turnover ratio at KATHARINENHOF ® in percent 2.4
Average age in years 43


What does your career at Deutsche Wohnen look like?

In 1996, I started my training as real estate agent at GEHAG. I then worked for the department management control and planning. While already working, I qualified as a real estate specialist and successfully completed a bachelor degree. In 2008, I took over as head of the portfolio management department.

What do your responsibilities entail?

The portfolio management represents various task fields of the Group. First and foremost, the department is responsible for the strategic orientation of the portfolio which also includes the acquisition of new property. Our activity takes place essentially through the analysis of the existing and / or future real property, market observation, and the close collaboration with the other departments. In addition, we are responsible for the evaluation of the portfolio as well as internal and external reporting.

What do you appreciate in particular in working for Deutsche Wohnen?

There are several aspects. On the one hand, my professional career already shows that I had the opportunity from the start to continue to earn qualifications according to my interests and consequently also take on leadership positions. On the other hand, I always feel that I am making an important contribution to the success of the company with my work. I can give my thoughts free rein and also take the unorthodox route once in a while.


My Annual Report

76 % of the employees are women