Positive development of our share

The share of Deutsche Wohnen AG has altogether developed positively in 2009. With a closing share price of EUR 6.70 per share at the end of the year, the share recorded an increase in value of 29 % throughout the financial year and outperformed the benchmark indices SDAX, EPRA Europe, and EPRA Germany.

The performance of our share in 2009 was mostly parallel to the rates on the worldwide stock markets. At the end of February, the Deutsche Wohnen share recorded its annual low of EUR 4.45. However, from the beginning of March, a steep upwards movement started, which was also supported by the announcement of good figures for the financial year 2008 at the end of March. This way, the share reached its annual high of EUR 9.80 at the end of April. By the middle of July, however, it dropped again to a level around EUR 5.00. In the second half of the year, its value increased again continuously. This can be attributed among other things to the positive reception of the capital increase for subscription rights of Deutsche Wohnen on the part of our investors in October and to the good interim results of the financial year and the related positive estimation of analysts. This resulted in the closing share price finally being at EUR 6.70 per share at the end of 2009.

Performance of the share in 2009
Performance of the share in 2009 (Line Chart) enlargeenlarge


Operational figures of the share    
  2009 2008
Number of shares 81,840,000 26,400,000
Share price at the end of the year in EUR 6.70 9.49 (5.54)1
Market capitalisation in EUR m 548 251
Peak price in EUR 9.801 24.77 (14.46)1
Lowest price in EUR 4.45 3.87 (2.26)1
Average daily turnover 190,258 103,002

1 Prices adjusted to reflect the capital increase

The trading volume in 2009 was at approximately 50.4 million shares (previous year: 46.4 million shares). In the MDAX ranking of Deutschen Börse AG, Deutsche Wohnen AG thus was on 43rd position for free-float market capitalisation and 47rd position for stock exchange turnover in December of 2009, thus qualifying for a possible rise to the MDax. The average daily turnover of the Deutsche Wohnen shares amounted to 190,258 shares in 2009, compared to 103,002 shares in 2008. Designated sponsors continually ensured sufficient liquidity and fungibility of our share.

Based on the price gains and the capital increase, our market capitalisation increased significantly in the reporting year: As of end of the year, it amounted to EUR 548 million compared to EUR 251 million at the end of the previous year.

My Annual Report

Annual high of the Deutsche Wohnen share at EUR 9.80

EUR 548 million market capitalisation as of the end of the year