Shareholders and annual general meeting

The General Meeting is a central executive body of Deutsche Wohnen AG. Through it, our shareholders are able to implement their rights and exercise their voting rights. Deutsche Wohnen AG invites its shareholders to participate in the General Meeting in due time. Here, important decisions like the discharge of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board, the election of the Supervisory Board and of the auditor, changes in the articles of incorporation, and capital measures are made. The shareholders also resolve on the application of profits. The General Meeting offers us a good opportunity to directly get in contact with shareholders and to arrange the further company development together with them.

At the Annual General Meeting on 16 June 2009, 65,32 % of the voting capital were present, at the Extraordinary General Meeting on 7 August 2009, it was 67,42 %. This represents a relatively high participation and an increase from the previous year. The shareholders have the option of voting in the General Meeting either themselves, through an authorised third party, or through a voting representative of the company bound by instructions. At this time, the option of a live broadcast of the General Meeting using modern communication media such as the internet, as set out in the articles of incorporation, is not being considered. Further information, including the invitations, agendas, and decisions of our Annual General Meetings and the voting results, are available on our homepage in the section Investor relations.

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