Transparent information for shareholders and the public

In the context of the current investor relations activities, all the dates that are important for our shareholders, investors, and analysts, are published in a calendar at the beginning of the year for the duration of the financial year, which is continuously updated. The "Financial calender" is also available on the website of Deutsche Wohnen AG. A summary of the main information published in the financial year 2008 can be found in the annual document in accordance with § 10 WpPG (German Sales Prospectus Act), which is also available on the website.

The company informs shareholders, analysts, and journalists according to uniform criteria. The information is transparent and consistent for all participants in the capital market. Ad-hoc news and press releases, as well as presentations of press and analyst conferences and road shows are immediately published on our website.

Insider information (ad-hoc disclosure), voting notifications as well as securities transactions by members of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board and affiliated persons (Directors’ Dealings) are also promptly published by Deutsche Wohnen AG in accordance with statutory regulations.

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