Organisation and corporate structure

Deutsche Wohnen AG and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as "Deutsche Wohnen" or "Group") is currently the second largest listed German residential property corporation, measured by market capitalisation and its property portfolio of 49,496 units, of which 49,026 are housing units and 470 commercial units. Within the business strategy, our focus is on attractive residential property in the economically significant core regions Berlin and Frankfurt/Rhine-Main.

With the finalisation of the restructuring measures, we were able to achieve a clear separation between management and asset companies, along with cost savings. The management companies can be clearly assigned to the respective segments, as the graphic below shows. Deutsche Wohnen AG is assigned all classic functions of a holding company with the areas communication, legal, personnel, financing/accounting/controlling. In addition, the processes and IT of Deutsche Wohnen and the GEHAG Group have been standardised. This allows for the transparent and efficient management of our business processes - from accounting and management of master data to the rent management and the cooperation with our system providers.

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Deutsche Wohnen Management GmbH

Deutsche Wohnen Management GmbH is responsible for the development and management of the property portfolio, the core business of Deutsche Wohnen. The company combines all activities in the context of the management and administration of residential property, the management of rental agreements, and the care of the tenants. The strategic goal of Deutsche Wohnen in this business segment is the preservation and optimisation of the rental revenues. Through the gradual development of our holdings, we can utilise existing rent increase potential and reduce the vacancy rate. We moreover ensure efficient management of residential property in cooperation with qualified system providers. With the introduction of a specially designed quality management for the facility management, we are able to check the specifically defined performance standards and ensure the value of our portfolio.

Deutsche Wohnen Corporate Real Estate GmbH

Deutsche Wohnen Corporate Real Estate GmbH combines the responsibilities for disposals and acquisitions, as well as the portfolio management. The housing units, which Deutsche Wohnen has up for sale, are divided into single privatisation, which is geared primarily towards occupants desirous of becoming owners, and bloc sales to institutional investors. All sales activities are aimed specifically at the optimisation and concentration of the portfolio and take place on a continuous yet successive basis. We plan to acquire additional holdings in the core regions Berlin and Frankfurt/Rhine-Main in the context of our portfolio strategy. Another focus of future acquisitions is on the development of new sites and is being pursued by the Deutsche Wohnen Management Board in close cooperation with the portfolio management. The portfolio management forms the basis for the strategic orientation of the property portfolio with detailed market and holding analyses.

KATHARINENHOF® Seniorenwohn- und Pflegeanlage Betriebs-GmbH

The segment nursing and residential care homes is covered by the label KATHARINENHOF® . The business philosophy is aimed at activating and supporting those in need of care in the context of in-patient care while maintaining a maximum of independence. In addition, Deutsche Wohnen offers senior citizens residential care homes with an additional offer of extensive services appropriate for the elderly.

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Restructuring results in cost savings and clear organisational separation of management and asset companies