Location Frankfurt/Main

Frankfurt/Main as business location

Frankfurt/Main is among the most important business locations in Germany. The bank city is the headquarter of numerous national and international groups. These appreciate above all the global orientation of the metropolis on the Main river as well as the outstanding infrastructure with the largest German airport and a very good connection to the motorway network and high-speed railway. With the headquarters of the ECB, the Deutsche Börse, and of about 300 credit institutions, the city is in direct competition with the most important finance locations worldwide.

The metropolis places one emphasis on the service markets geared towards the future with high qualification requirements. A large number of educational and research institutions substantially contribute to Frankfurt's innovation potential.

Demographic development in Frankfurt/Main

Frankfurt/Main has been reporting a clear population increase for years. This is due to an excess of births as well as the positive migration balance. In addition, the number of households increased by 4.7 % from 1999 to 2008.7 Based on the increased demand for single and two-person households, the number of Frankfurt's households will continue to grow in the future.

Housing Market Frankfurt/Main

The market for rental flats in Frankfurt/Main is characterised by a relatively high level of the net cold rent. This is above all due to the great economic strength of the city. Since 2002, the rental prices have been mostly steady while demand fluctuated. The average net rent is at EUR 8.90 per m2, for new buildings even at EUR 10.50 per m2. The prices vary depending on the location. While rents in the west of the city are at ca. EUR 8.00 per m2, leases in the inner city are at EUR 13.23 per m2 on average.8 We expect the rents to increase slightly in the next years.

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High level of net rents excluding additional expenses in Frankfurt/Main