Business development of the segments

The business activity of Deutsche Wohnen predominantly consists of the leasing and management of its own properties (results from residential property management), the sale of housing units to occupants desirous of becoming owners and institutional investors (results from disposals), as well as the operation of in-patient care facilities and senior residences (results from nursing and residential care homes). The following is an overview of the individual segment profit or loss for the year 2009 compared to 2008:

  2009 2008
  EUR m EUR m
Results from residential property management 151.0 147.8
Results from disposals 9.7 13.2
Results from nursing and residential care homes 9.1 8.7
Contribution margin for the segments 169.8 169.7
Corporate expenses – 34.6 – 38.9
Other operative income and expenses – 1.7 – 0.2
Operating result without restructuring 133.5 130.6

We were able to improve the operating results adjusted for restructuring costs by 2.3 % against the previous year, in spite of the disposals of 199,358 m2 living space (3,371 housing units) in the two previous years.

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