Opportunities for future development

Deutsche Wohnen consolidated its position as the second largest German property company listed on the stock market and provided proof of its integration capacity with the take-over of GEHAG. This process led to a gain in experience for employees and management, which can be used to add value to future integrations. Thus Deutsche Wohnen is now set up as a consolidating platform in order to use the market opportunities on offer and to actively contribute to the consolidation of the market.

In the current portfolio, the main locations Berlin and Frankfurt/Main continue to provide good growth prospects. Compared to other large urban areas, they are in the leading group. A good blend of the portfolio regarding the residential unit sizes and micro locations within the metropolitan areas and an intensive tenant care service offer the opportunity to generate constant returns from the portfolio even in a difficult economic environment.

The usage of the IT platform SAP in many ways opened up opportunities for the future: on the one hand, SAP allows an even stricter monitoring of all operational figures. Defective development and setbacks can be identified/recognised more quickly and counter measures initialised. On the other hand, work flow routines can become even more efficient, and should lead to further cost savings. Even more, SAP offers the possibility to quickly integrate properties that are new additions to the portfolio - be they acquisitions or mergers - and to manage them efficiently.

My Annual Report